EOCR – Exotics On Cannery Row
Where Exotic Car Tuners & After Market Part Manufacturers Come To Be Seen

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EOCR – Exotics On Cannery Row : Monterey Car Week

Friday – August 19th, 2016 – 4pm to 8pm

For one week out of the year the quiet coastal town of Monterey turns into a mecca for the automotive world drawing visitors from around the globe. Monterey Car Week is an inspirational experience full of rare cars, breathtaking scenery and memorable events. For automotive enthusiasts, collectors and curators it is the ultimate representation of their passion.

EOCR Approach

The carefully crafted approach of Exotics on Cannery Row is to create the ideal venue for companies to showcase their products and services to a demographic passionate about high-end modifications. Sure to draw the crowds, the event is free and open to the public. Vendor booths will range from wheel manufacturers to wrap companies, tuners to transport companies and everything in between. If your company caters to the luxury automobile market then EOCR is the place to be.

Please join us on Friday, August 19th, 2016. 4pm to 8pm, Cannery Row.


Welcome to the 2nd Annual Exotics on Cannery Row

Thank you for participating in Exotics on Cannery Row and showcasing your vehicle. Please note the following guidelines for Show Vehicles:
1) Cannery Row will be open between 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm for vehicle staging.
2) The only entrance to Cannery Row is via Prescott Avenue. All other streets leading to Cannery Row will be closed.
3) All Vehicles MUST have a valid event pass clearly displayed on rearview mirror for entry. Vehicles without a pass will NOT be allowed.
4) Please be back at your car by 7:45 pm to prepare for departure. Any vehicle left on the street past 8:00 will be subject to towing.

Directions to Cannery Row

From Carmel: Take HWY 1 NORTH, exit 399B toward Monterey, continue onto Munras Avenue. Turn Left onto Soledad Dr. Turn Right onto Pacific St. Take ramp onto Lighthouse Avenue. Stay in right lane and veer right onto Foam St. Continue on Foam St. and turn RIGHT onto Prescott Ave. Entrance to event is at the intersection of Wave & Prescott.

Southbound HWY 1: Take HWY 1 SOUTH, exit 402B toward Pacific Grove/Del Monte Ave., continue on Del Monte Ave., go through tunnel. Stay in right lane and veer right onto Foam St. Continue on Foam St. and turn RIGHT onto Prescott Ave. Entrance to event is at the intersection of Wave & Prescott.






Exotics On Cannery Row – Monterey Car Week 2015

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